Los Angeles Senior High School's Water Circle

Young people today understand the meaning of a global community. The Los Angeles Senior High School Water Circle was founded by students as a way to mobilize youth for the betterment of the rural villages of Niger.

Our goal is to raise enough funds to drill one well by June 2012. Going from classroom to classroom, school to school, and home to home, our Water Circle aims to keep our community aware of the conditions facing one of the three poorest countries in the world.

Words are powerful; they moved student Dennis Ojogho, this Water Circle’s founder, into action after he heard Founder, Barbara Goldberg speak to his Environmental Science class. He hopes to use words to inspire his community to do something positive for the people of Niger.

Update - October 8, 2012

by Rosario Lopez

I became a member of  the Water Circle at my school, Los Angeles High, last year and gained great interest in the Interact Club that started it. I was introduced to it by our former club president, Dennis Ojogho. After engaging in the mission of the club, I became so passionate and excited to organize events to fundraise for our mission. I clearly remember the water walk we had last year. It was such a great experience, and I was so happy to know that all my peers helped out and participated. After Dennis graduated, I was privileged to take the position as President of the Water Circle.

As this year - my senior year, kicks off, our group is growing, and we have already had a successfully fundraiser. On Friday, October 5th, our school celebrated Hispanic Heritage month by hosting a club day event during lunch. The Water Circle signed up and we sold a Latin dessert (flan), Mexican candy bags, and refreshing pineapple juice. It was so much fun, and with the help of other members of the club, Ruben Amaya, Alan Bresnahan, Richard Dowdle and others, we raised more than $100. I am thrilled to continue the rest of the year with rewarding events and fundraisers, and I promise to do my job as the President of the Water Circle at L.A. High. Some upcoming activities will be held during our homecoming game on Friday October 26th, and we will also be fundraising at the Larchmont fair on Sunday October 28th.

Update - April 12, 2012

by Dennis Ojogho
Despite very limited time to plan, on April 12, we managed to have 53 students at Los Angeles Senior High School join our walk. In order to simulate what it’s really like for many of the women in Africa who must trek long distances for clean water, I provided four 80 pound cans of water that students were able to carry along our journey. We walked one mile around the track on our campus during lunchtime.
I founded a Wells Bring Hope water circle on campus, and we've been raising funds to help drill a well in Niger. So far we've raised nearly $1000 and we decided that this water walk was a perfect opportunity to bring awareness to the dire need for water in many countries around the world.
As we walked, I spoke about the situation in Niger and the things we could do to help. Organizing this water walk was the most fulfilling experience of my life. To see teenagers, who are stereotyped as apathetic and selfish, going out of their way to support such a cause, is truly heartwarming.
There is no better feeling in the world than to know that you have used your voice to speak for those whose voices aren't always heard.   
Update - December 29, 2014
Thanks to Jeanne Kuntz for donating the funds necessary to complete this well!  A rural village in Niger will soon have a safe water well thanks to Jeanne and L.A. High!






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